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Support Needed: MEF Endorses Domingo Candelas for City Council District 8

Today, we are thrilled to share some exciting news and seek your valuable support for a cause that profoundly impacts us—our workplace, our rights, and our future.

MEF and the AFSCME Local 101 Executive Board has voted and proudly endorse Councilmember Domingo Candelas for re-election to the San Jose City Council in District 8.

Domingo's unwavering commitment to the welfare of City employees has been nothing short of exceptional. His advocacy, particularly during the Staff Up San Jose campaign, played a pivotal role in securing the success and benefits we achieved. Without his dedicated efforts, our contract victories would not have been possible. Period.

Now, as we stand at a crucial juncture, facing contenders backed by substantial financial support, we need to ensure that the voice of City employees continues to be heard on the City Council.

This is where your individual support becomes invaluable. We are reaching out to our community—YOU, the backbone of our great city—to contribute whatever you can to Domingo's re-election campaign. Whether it's $20, $30, or any amount you can spare, your donation will directly impact the future of our workplace and the city we proudly serve. Our opponents have the money, but we have the people. If we all chip in a little, we’ll win.

As public employees, we are uniquely positioned to elect those who influence our work environment. Domingo Candelas embodies the leadership we need—proven, dedicated, and genuinely committed to our cause – that of public service.

We must act collectively to ensure that Domingo continues to represent our interests on the City Council. Your donation, regardless of its size, makes a significant difference in achieving this goal.

Let's stand together against the influence of big money in politics, ensuring that candidates who prioritize public service and the well-being of City employees remain in office.

Thank you for your time, commitment, and contribution to this crucial cause. Let's keep our workplace and City in the hands of those who understand and champion our needs.


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