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Mediation Update and Strike Vote

On Wednesday, July 12th, the Union engaged in mediation with a state mediator and representatives from the city, hoping to reach a settlement. The City Council took their summer break without giving the City’s bargaining team any additional authority to up their offer, which made it impossible to make for us to make any meaningful progress during mediation. As a result, we have reached a critical juncture where we must consider alternative measures to ensure our needs are heard and met.

As we discussed last night with the hundreds of you who showed up to our two joint Strike School sessions with Local 21, we are now in the process of finalizing our strike preparations. We firmly believe that calling for a vote to authorize a strike is the next appropriate step. This is not a decision we take lightly, but it has become apparent that without stronger measures, the city is not prioritizing the resolution of the vacancy crisis that plagues our community. This is your last chance to sign the “I AM Ready to Strike” petition. You can also sign up to attend next week’s “Online Strike School” on Wednesday.

We urge the City Council to call for an emergency closed session immediately. This closed session is crucial as it could grant the City's bargaining team the necessary authority to negotiate more effectively. Without this additional authority, further mediation sessions would serve little purpose in advancing our cause.

We have exhausted all available avenues of negotiation and have remained steadfast in our commitment to resolving the vacancy crisis in the City. It is now up to us, as members of this union, to demonstrate our unity and strength. In the coming days, you will receive detailed information regarding our next steps. Your voice and participation in this process are vital to our collective success.

Please stay tuned for further updates through email and other communication channels. Together, we will continue to fight for fair treatment and a solution to the vacancy crisis that affects not only our members but also the residents of San Jose.


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