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For months, we have been calling for a fair contract that restores the City of San Jose as a competitive employer of choice and addresses the urgent staffing crisis eroding the delivery of high-quality public services to our community. Despite our efforts, the Mayor and some city council members have been reluctant to tackle the issue of understaffing, leaving us with no choice but to take a stand for each other and our community. The City can and should do better for San Jose residents and strive to be competitive with other agencies. Our union siblings in Local 21 are facing similar challenges, and together, we represent a formidable collective of over 4,500 workers united in our pursuit of fair treatment and a better San Jose. To achieve a strong contract that meets our goals, commencing on August 1st, both unions will conduct joint in-person voting asking union members for a three-day strike authorization. A "YES" vote will empower the leadership of our union, Local 101, to call for a citywide strike if City Administrators fail to address the root causes of the recruitment and retention crisis affecting critical areas such as city libraries, the airport, affordable housing, emergency response times, and more. Your MEF - AFSCME Local 101 Bargaining Team is unanimous in recommending a "YES" vote to authorize a three-day strike. This vote is vital to send a clear message that we stand united in our determination to secure fair treatment for all members. We want to remind you that thousands of us have already signed the "I Am Ready to Strike" Petition, demonstrating our unity and strength as one team in this fight. We remain committed to doing everything possible to reach an agreement before striking as long as it doesn’t compromise our core goals. Voting will occur from Tuesday, August 1st, through Friday, August 4th, at the locations listed in the Strike Vote Schedule. Also, remember that the right to strike is protected by State Law, including for new employees on probation and part-time staff. Additionally, it is unlawful for a manager or supervisor to discourage you from participating in this legally protected activity, including voting and participating in a strike. Management should not communicate with you at all about it, even simply asking if you plan to strike or not. We don’t anticipate many managers or supervisors violating the law, but if they do, contact your union representative immediately. The time has come to make our voices heard. Let's show the City of San Jose that we are unwavering in our commitment to our community and demand the fair treatment and resources we deserve. More Important Resources: Click here to view the Strike School Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Click Here to view the "What We're Fighting For (Flyer)


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